The Model Mars team includes scientists, educators, media experts and innovation and social change practitioners with backgrounds at the UN, Nasa and in award winning film-making.  Model Mars works with a diverse set of partners across disciplines, stakeholders groups, geographies, contexts, perspectives and experiences. We are looking for partners who have an interest in next-gen spacefarers and Earth based change makers.

Founding Partners

Founding Partners include Futuristas, Madame Mars and Blue Marble Space Institute. If you wish to be one of the limited founding partners, let's talk.


Co-Create / Content


Help us develop Model Mars. Do you have an initiative you would like to plug into the ecosystem of activities? Do you have learning content that can be repurposed? Let us know.

Host / Mentor

Are you a formal or informal educator, director or participant in a STEAM or other type of youth program who would like to host student teams?  Would you like to serve as a mentor?


Mars settlements (even the virtual and simulated ones) cost money! Sponsor Model Mars or specific aspects of it. Do you have expertise, technology or other products and services you can provide? Great, we need you too!