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Model Mars

A platform for exploring space, society and sustainability



You’re going to need space-age skills and mind sets to survive, to build and sustain your community, and to find solutions for all humans as we become a truly interplanetary species. 




EQUIPS youth with the knowledge, tools, and learning environment they need to imagine, build, and represent settlements on Mars, while forging and sustaining connections with planet Earth.

DELIVERS a forward-thinking, multidisciplinary learning opportunity that combines inspirational and aspirational space-themed STEAM* education and the simulation-based and governance-through-cooperation approach of Model United Nations.  

STIMULATES CHANGE by shifting mindsets about desired futures and  creating solutions for more equitable and sustainable societies that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

DEMOCRATIZES SPACE through a new and more inclusive space narrative, broadening participation in space exploration and use of spinoffs for life on Earth, and actively engaging underrepresented groups, including girls and youth from developing countries.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math