Our Vision

Create a platform for youth to identify desired futures and chart a course to realize them,
expand their own horizons and skills, and make contributions to space, society and a sustainable Earth.

Why Space?  Space provides inspiration and aspiration. It – and related science fiction - sparks the imagination and a sense of new possibilities. Space educational activities touch on multiple aspects of science, technology and innovation (STI) with a present and future orientation. And as we think about space exploration and settlement, it provides a platform for not only investigating STI, but also imagining and exploring what a better version of society might look like, who decides, what assumptions we need to break down, and what we value in humanity and community. Today’s space sector also offers lessons on international cooperation and its STI spinoffs provide more immediate and near-term solutions for improving life on Earth, from Earth observation data for climate issues, to closed loop systems for building circular economies, to new technologies for health, nutrition and education.

Why Model UN? The Model United Nations is an over 90 year old youth program that puts students into decision-making positions as they represent the world’s countries, different perspectives and needs, and work toward establishing and implementing global frameworks and goals. Through simulation- based learning, it engages young people in cross-cultural dialogue, negotiation and global cooperation around pressing issues for the planet, people, prosperity, peace and partnerships, including achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. It also asks questions about how we can create better societies and work together more effectively to get there. Model UN has reached millions of young people across the globe.


Our aim is to build on the best of these two learning opportunities, combining elements and introducing new ones in order to create a truly inter-disciplinary, creative and cutting-edge learning ecosystem.


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stimulate change

Changing mindsets about what is possible to achieve and increasing young people's agency in forging their desired futures. Envisaging models for greater international cooperation and generating solutions for more equitable and sustainable societies on Earth. Moving the perspectives of underrepresented groups to the center of decision making.

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Develop skills

Building STEAM skills, including those related to future of work and emerging technologies. Broadening STEM identity through linkages to society and inter—disciplinary approaches. Building other 21st century skills (e.g. problem solving, communication), as well as exploring human centered design, future foresight, systems thinking and ethics. Creating pathways to future learning and careers.

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democratize space

Forming a new and inclusive narrative of space for all and expanding participation in space exploration and use of spinoff applications for life on earth. Actively engaging underrepresented groups, including youth from developing countries, girls and women. Creating next generation engagement in meaningful ways.